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4 Toronto Beaches Declared Unsafe For Swimming As Of Aug 23

Four Toronto beaches have been designated unfit to swim at because of elevated E. coli levels after recent heavy rains in the GTA. As per City of Toronto, it is not advisable to swim during or right after a storm, a flood, or a lot of rain.

Cloudy water may be a sign of excessive bacterial concentrations that could be dangerous to human health. The situation is determined by the number of E. coli found in beach water samples collected over the previous 24 hours.

Below is the list of 4 beaches declared unsafe for swimming in GTA.

1. Marie Curtis Park East Beach

27497 marie curtis park east beach

Marie Curtis Park East Beach

Address: The Foot of 42nd St., South of Lakeshore Blvd. W.

Beach length approximately: 150 metres

2. Sunnyside Beach

b7415 sunnyside beach
Sunnyside Beach

Address: The Foot of Parkside Dr., South of Lakeshore Blvd.

Beach length approximately: 1090 metres

3. Centre Island Beach (Blue Flag Beach)

443ff centre island beach blue flag beach
Centre Island Beach (Blue Flag Beach)

Address: Outer, South Side of the Toronto Island

Beach length approximately: 660 metres

4. Woodbine Beaches (Blue Flag Beach)

Woodbine beach
Woodbine Beaches

Address: The Foot of Woodbine Ave., West Beach Area.

Beach length approximately: 910 metres

Source: City of Toronto

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