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Heavy Rainfall And Flooding Warning in Toronto & GTA

Environment Canada has issued a special weather report that predicts local rainfall of up to 30 to 55 millimetres. The report, in particular, indicates heavy rainfall in the City of Toronto.

The city is likely to have slow-moving showers and thunderstorms with rainfall accumulations of up to 50 millimetres. Depending on how much rain falls in Toronto throughout the day, it may be necessary to upgrade its “Rainfall Warnings.”

Additionally, ECCC Weather Ontario has also issued a funnel cloud warning for eastern Ontario for this evening.

Weather agencies have warned about potential dangers, including pools of water on roadways and in low-lying regions.

Toronto Hydro also posted a video on Twitter describing what to do if electrical outlets are exposed to floods, along with a message warning of rainfall.

According to the City of Toronto, excessive rains on Monday have caused a bypass of the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant. The volume of rainwater and sewage reaching a facility is more than what can be treated and processed in a short amount of time during periods of intense, prolonged rainfall.

Then, water waste is diverted to another secondary treatment called a ‘bypass.’ According to the city, the treated water always complies with stringent provincial and federal laws. Latest updates show that the bypass has ended.

However, the city of Toronto continues to warn about staying indoors and out of water during rainfall because of high level pollutants.

Following reports of flooding in the Greater Toronto Area over the weekend, Environment Canada issued its forecast. One Twitter user posted a video of flooded roadways in Brampton.

Environment Canada advises contacting your local Conservation Authority or the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry for information on flooding.

Source: Toronto Star

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