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Rogers To Spend $261M To Separate Its Cellular And Wireless Networks

Following the outage on July 8, Rogers Communications Inc. will now spend $261 million to separate its cellular and wireless networks physically. However, it cannot estimate the direct economic losses caused during the disruption. 

Further comments are included in a letter that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requested on August 22. It offers more details on the outage that affected millions of Canadians. 

Prior estimates placed the cost of the network division at $250 million. However, the time it will take to separate the network was redacted, with other information on their plan. 

Additionally, Rogers claims in the letter that it lacks the information needed to calculate the actual economic losses brought on by the outage.

In the weeks following the outage, Rogers announced it would spend $150 million on customer credits and $10 billion over three years to strengthen monitoring, testing, and use of artificial intelligence to assure reliable service.

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CTC NEWS-Rogers To Spend $261M To Separate Its Cellular And Wireless Networks