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6 Reasons Why British Columbia Is Better Than Ontario

The most compared provinces are Ontario and British Columbia. While they are similar, there are some striking differences. Although individual experiences may vary, here are six reasons British Columbia is better than Ontario. 

Best hikes 

As British Columbia is home to turquoise lakes, islands, mountain peaks and the pacific ocean, you can experience all of it in a short drive away from Vancouver. 

Although Ontario has many hikes, British Columbia hikes are better because they offer the best of nature and city views in one hike.  

Better weather 

The best aspect of the province is little to no winter! You can go by your day in one jacket, while winter in Ontario requires you to be covered in a thick coat. However, even that may not be enough to escape the chilly winters of Ontario. 

More outdoor activities

With winter no longer an obstacle, you can enjoy more outdoor activities. You can visit ocean beaches, enjoy beautiful, unique hikes of the famous Grouse Mountain or experience island life as the water is not frozen. 

However, if you miss snow activities, you can also explore Whistler, a short drive from Vancouver and one of the best ski hills in Canada. 

Enjoy water sports 

Because Ontario is landlocked, you have limited access to the ocean compared to British Columbia. 

You can enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding and experience beautiful views of Vancouver while kayaking or paddleboarding. 

Friendly community vibes

 Everyone’s experience may differ, but British Columbia has a greater sense of community. The population is multicultural, which helps visitors feel welcome and safe. Moreover, many are helpful towards tourists and newcomers in general.  

In comparison, Ontario is much busier that has lost its community touch. 

Picturesque view all around

All areas are Instagram-worthy! In particular, the northern side of British Columbia offers unadulterated natural beauty. Being coved in dense forests paired with waterfalls, flowing rivers and mountain peaks is considered the most beautiful in the world. 

Additionally, it offers city lights and natural beauty! 

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