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Prime Minister Trudeau Reveals Changes To The Ministry

Today, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, disclosed changes to the Ministry. In response to Minister Filomena Tassi’s request to spend more time in Southern Ontario for family reasons, some modifications have been made.

Filomena Tassi

Filomena Tassi-Prime Minister Trudeau Reveals Changes To The Ministry

Former Public Services and Procurement Minister Filomena Tassi now oversees the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). 

After holding the positions of Minister of Seniors and Minister of Labor, Minister Tassi was appointed Minister of Public Services and Procurement in 2021. Public Services and Procurement Canada, which she oversaw, was a key player in the government’s response to the pandemic and is still involved in acquiring COVID-19 booster doses.

Additionally, the department progressed on several crucial topics, including simplifying federal procurement procedures, expanding green procurement to help achieve climate goals, and boosting diversity in government contracts. 

In her new position, Minister Tassi will ensure that FedDev Ontario remains strong in creating middle-class jobs, promoting sustainable economic growth, and supporting small and medium-sized businesses to benefit all Southern Ontario residents.

Helena Jaczek

Helena Jaczek-Prime Minister Trudeau Reveals Changes To The Ministry

The current Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario Minister, Helena Jaczek, has been appointed to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement position. 

Since 2021, Minister Jaczek has been in charge of FedDev Ontario and has promoted the service delivery and initiatives specifically suited to the region’s needs to boost employment and economic growth in southern Ontario. 

As part of her new position, she will efficiently use the government’s purchasing power to give more Canadians access to economic opportunity while ensuring that federal procurement aids in the country’s transition to a clean economy. 

In addition, she will bring experience from the health sector and her position as a former Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to ensure Canada continues to have all the essential supplies required to respond to ongoing and upcoming pandemics.

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