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Canadian Armed Forces Job Hiring Now Across Canada

The Canadian Armed Forces are hiring for the job of Human Resources Administrator Canada-wide. It is an entry-level position with paid training, benefits and the opportunity to grow in your career.

This article enlists all the job duties, eligibility criteria and how to apply below. During your application, you may get an option to select your preferred location. 

Salary: $35,820 – $62,424 (with a possibility of an increase with time and acquired skills).

Locations: Multiple locations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut and Prince Edward Island. 

Job Responsibilities 

Human Resource Administrators help with administrative and general human resources duties in all military activities.

Some of the primary responsibility includes : 

  • Human resource administration and services
  • Administration of pay and allowances
  • Automated pay systems and information management
  • Maintenance of personnel records

Eligibility Criteria

To apply, you must be: 

  • a Canadian citizen 
  • At least 18 years old
  • Completed at least Grade 10 
  • 16 years to participate in the paid education programs (with parental consent)
  •  enrolled as a full-time student and be at least 16 years old (with parental authorization) to join the Primary Reserves.

General Work Environment 

Human Resources Administrators are employed at all Canada Armed Forced (CAF) locations to support operations. They support Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Canadian Army in operations. 

Additionally, they might work for the CAF’s special operations units, medical organizations, recruitment offices, educational institutions, reserve units, NATO/UN positions, and other specialized units. 


The position includes paid training, wherein, as a candidate, you will receive: 

  • Basic Military Qualification: This is physical training with basic knowledge and skills of all trades. It ensures that recruits keep up with the physical fitness standard. 
  • Basic Occupation Training: This includes 90 training days covering the core responsibilities of Human Resources Administrators. 
  • Available Speciality Training: This provides on-the-job training to develop specialized skills. 
  • Available advance training: This is for people who want to progress in their careers as Human Resources Administrators. 

Part-Time Opportunities 

Join the Reserve Forces

Several places across Canada accept part-time employment applications for Human Resources Administrators with the Primary Reserve. As well, members of the Reserve Force typically serve in their communities part-time, possibly alongside their educational pursuits or employment in the private sector. They are paid while undergoing training and are neither stationed nor liable for a military transfer. 

Part-time at CFA headquarters

Humans Resources Administrators may join the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy, or Royal Canadian Air Force and face certain difficulties specific to each of these organizations.

 They support military operations administratively and often serve at a CAF headquarters. Or home port or unit based in Canada when employed on a part-time or casual full-time basis.

How to apply for the job? 

Feel free to apply even if you are uncertain about meeting job-specific requirements. After receiving your application, CFA will determine if you qualify and help find other part-time positions near your area if needed. 

To apply, click here. You can either create or sign in to your GCKey account or use Sign-in Partner to log in using banking details. 

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