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Prince Edward Island election into final day of campaigning with vote on Monday

prince edward island election into final day of campaigning with vote on monday

The Prince Edward Island election is into its final day of campaigning ahead of Monday’s vote.

Candidates from all three parties will be making their final pitches to voters in an election where the main issues included the state of health care, housing shortages and climate change.

The incumbent Progressive Conservatives under Premier Dennis King gathered for a large party rally in Charlottetown on Saturday.

In his speech, King praised his party for running a positive campaign.

The premier called the election on March 6, about six months ahead of the province’s fixed election date.

Heading into the election the Progressive Conservatives held 15 of the legislature’s 27 seats, the Green Party had eight seats and the Liberals held four.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 2, 2023.