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Public Service Alliance Of Canada Strike New Update

Public Service Alliance Of Canada Strike New Update: Today, PSAC representing more than 120,000 federal public personnel announced that majority has voted in the favour of strike.

However, the union did not reveal how many of its 123,856 members voted “yes.” He claimed that a “overwhelming majority” voted in favour of a strike mandate.

As per official PSAC press release, there may be a nationwide strike by more than 155,000 federal public sector employees over the next few weeks.

As negotiations continue this week, the group of employees, known as the Treasury Board group by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), is now in a legal strike position, according to national president Chris Aylward.

Aylward did not specify the potential timing of a strike. Legally, the union asserted that it had 60 days from this point until June 10 to declare a strike.

PSAC is coming up strongly and urging the members to stand in solidarity with the alliance during the strike.

They said all members of the PA, SV, TC, and EB groups and those employed by Canada Revenue Agency will be required to participate in a picket line and observe strike action in the event of a strike (except for a small number of employees who have already received letters deeming their position essential).

Press release further added that any member who continues to work while on strike, even if it’s remotely, is betraying the entire bargaining unit.

Crossing a picket line, whether in person or virtually, undermines our negotiating position, which may lead to an agreement that is less favourable to workers than they deserve or extend the strike.

The workplace relationships between the coworkers who stood their ground and made concessions to secure a favourable outcome for all of them and those who supported the boss might potentially suffer long-term effects.

Members who will cross the picket line will risk penalties and membership privilege suspension.

If management is pressuring any employee to cross the line and work, should immediately contact their union steward, the local leadership, or the PSAC regional headquarters.

Aylward stated today that the majority of members struggle with the high cost of living and earn only between $40,000 and $65,000 annually.

The Treasury Board most recently disclosed a proposal to boost salaries from an average of 1.7% each year to 2.06% over the course of four years. The most recent request made by the union was 4.5 percent for 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Program and Administrative Services, the largest negotiating unit in the heart of the federal public service, is one of the four newest groups.

That one has about 100,000 workers who manage programs, handle communications, do administrative duties, process data, and more.

Source: PSAC

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